Selecting the right Realtor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when buying or selling a home. The right Realtor should not simply provide the best information available to assist your decisions, but also provide the comfortable working relationship and service necessary to make the best decisions.
Because Vista Mar Realty Group is unlike any Real Estate source you’ve seen before, our real estate agents are unlike any you’ve worked with before. We offer our agents the same marketability, ease of operation and security one would expect of a big broker company, but without the archaic brokerage office cubicle or the pressure of exorbitant overhead costs. Our relaxed and equipped meeting spaces, easy-to-navigate websites, and Realtor education resources, allow your agent to focus on what is most important—the client.
We offer our clients a range of experience and resources unavailable anywhere else in South Florida:
   Expert advice on preparing your home to SELL
   Customized marketing plans to target qualified buyers
   Outstanding Online Marketing tools including
            Engaging and well-maintained websites
            E-mail alerts to interested buyers
            Search engines
            Virtual tours
   Local and National print advertising
   Reliable Market Analysis
                        Connect with the right selling agent, today!
   Customized daily MLS searches to locate your dream home
   An advanced knowledge of the community
   Experience with local market and economy
   Mortgage information and pre-qualification resources
   Relocation assistance
   Flexible appointment scheduling
                                                Find the best agent to represent you!

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Updated: Saturday, June 23, 2018

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